Egress Code for Bedroom Windows

Are you wondering what the code is for a bedroom window? In order for a bedroom to be classified as a bedroom it must meet certain requirements. Many older homes may have windows that were code at the time, but if you are making changes to the home, adding a basement/secondary suit you need to ensure that the bedroom meets the current Alberta Building Code of 2014. I will try to make this as simple to understand as possible, but if you have any questions please send me a message and I can clarify and send you the building code document related to bedroom windows.

If the room is to be used as a bedroom, it needs to meet the following requirements:

1) If the bedroom has a sprinkler in it, you do not need to have a window for egress or a door to the outside.

2) If no sprinkler system is present, but there is a door that leads directly to the outside, this is also acceptable.

3) If no sprinkler system or door to the outside, you must have a window that meets the following requirements:
- The window must have an overall opening area of 543 square inches. 
- There can be no measurement of the window that is less than 15". Of course, if both measurements are 15" x 15" this does not meet the 543 square inch opening requirement.
- If the height is 15" then the width would have to be at a minimum 36.25". 
- If it is a basement window, the measurement from the window to the window well has to be a minimum of approximately 30" (760 mm).
- If there are bars or covers surrounding the window or window well, they must not require a key, tools or special knowledge to exit the window. 
- If the window opens to the outside, it must not restrict the exit and reduce the 30" clearance needed for the window well.

See the diagram below for further clarification!

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