Your house is for Sale, now what? Spread the word!

So, you have decided to sell your house. Great! I will touch on how I will market your property, but what can you do to help attract potential buyers to view your home? You can have just as much impact if you do a few things when your listing hits the market.

When you list your home for sale, you want as many buyers as possible to find out about it. So consider how many friends, neighbours and work colleagues you have. Then think about how many people they know. The number is likely in the hundreds. 

One of those people could be looking for a property just like yours. That’s why getting your friends to spread the word about your listing is so effective. 

How do you do that? One strategy is to have a moving party. This gives you an opportunity to ask your friends, as a group, to tell others about your listing. 

You can also encourage your friends to bring a guest who is currently in the market for a new home. Another good idea is to put a profile of your listing on Facebook. This is the fastest and most convenient way for your Facebook friends to point others to your listing. 

Do you have friends who work at larger organizations like banks and factories? They probably have access to an employee lunch room with a bulletin board. You can spread the word by asking them to put up an information sheet on your listing. 

Try one or more of these ideas. Combined with my marketing plan for you, they can help get more qualified buyers to your doorstep.

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